26 April 2017

Boats 'n' Bridges! | Fermanagh Fun

Ah, Fermanagh - How you've stolen my heart..

When I was a child myself, my granny and my mum would regularly jump in the Car and drive all around the south of Ireland. It's almost feels like a second home when I go back - I recognise attractions, certain places represents memories and even the same old B&B owners feel like family. 

This time, we decided to pack up the Car and return to Fermanagh since it was one of my clearest and fondest memories as a child. While driving up, I was able to recall certain roads and memories began flooding back, as if I'd never left. While there, we decided to do some sightseeing and here's the evidence! We first of all decided to cross the ferry to the Island of Lusty Beg, which is a mere 5 minutes and is run by the only hotel on the island!

Once we'd filled our tummy's with a delicious brunch, we decided to check TripAdvisor for fun. Bundoran, Donegal is a nostalgic town for my entire family so we knew that it was on the list of places we had to visit, which is how we stumbled upon the Fairy Bridges.

The Fairy Bridges are located right beside a Beach and are a short walk from it but are so worth visiting! You get to literally walk across a naturally-created rock bridge and overlook the North Atlantic ocean.

 If you're ever in the Donegal/Fermanagh area, I would recommend you give both of these beauties a visit - You won't regret it!

All my love...
A x

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  1. lovely pictures :)