23 April 2017

S'more please!

There's something about cosying up to a fire during the coldest of months!

Well, it's currently April and it wasn't exactly a conventional fire but here it is! I recently packed up my troubles and drove across to Fermanagh in an attempt to maintain some peace before the chaos of May coursework ensues! We decided to stay in a Resort that sits on Lough Erne called Finn Lough. The resort offers a event called 'Sundowning' which involves a lakeside fire with Wine, Cheese and S'mores as the sun sets over Lough Erne. The entire experience was beautiful and we stayed until the early hours sipping on Rosé and laughing while listening to the fire crackling every so often.

We toasted Marshmallows, drank Wine, ate Cheese and took many a polaroids to remember the special evening! If you're ever around the Fermanagh area, I would definitely recommend an overnight stay with the Sundowning package!

All my love...
A x

1 comment:

  1. Amy, great blog!! It is great to see you spreading your experience! We are happy we were able to offer a memorable experience for you both! Looking forward to receive you here at Finn Lough for another Sundowner!