2 May 2017

ESPA Body Oil Set

 I'm a firm believer that having 'Me-time' is incredibly important.

 When I went to Fermanagh for a few days relaxation, I just knew that a massage was seriously needed! We decided to leave booking a massage to the last minute but were able to get slotted in for a traditional Thai back, neck and scalp massage which was simply divine. Of course, on the way out, I had to pick up something from the range that the Spa offered. In this case, it was ESPA who are a firm favourite of mine along with Aromatherapy Associates!

I wanted something moisturising for my skin that wasn't just another body lotion so when I seen this set of body oils, I knew I just had to pick them up!

The set included 6 body oils for a variety of different moods and issues, such as; Detoxifying, restoring, energising and resistant. Each of these oils made with a different scent and for different skin problems. I found the texture of the oil to be fairly water-based however it does also cling to the skin slightly, which is ideal. I don't like body oils that you're waiting there for hours for it to soak in while on the other hand, body oils that are too watery often feel like no product is on your skin at all. I feel like this set is the perfect blend of both.

I've only tried a few of the oils however am looking forward to trying out the rest and seeing the effect on my skin. These little sets are perfect because they actually last a lot longer than you'd think plus, you're getting 6 different scents as well. I'd definitely recommend! Have you tried ESPA?

Love Always...
Amy x

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