Frequently Asked Questions

What made you start Blogging? One Day I stumbled upon Ms Zoe Sugg's (A.k.a. Zoella's) YouTube, which then led me to her Blog. I instantly fell in Love with the blogging community and knew that I wanted to be a part of it. I've always loved creative Writing so thought, 'Why not?'.

Who designed your Layout? I change my Theme a lot but currently, the Layout is designed by Dana Fox at Envye! I've loved Dana's work for Years and am so grateful to have her theme on my Blog! As for the Header, the Watercolour mark is yet again from Dana, however, the lettering I edited myself!

What's the meaning behind your Blog Name? It's simple. My first name is Amy and my middle name is Lauren so..Amy Lauren!

What Camera do you use? My very early Blogpost photos were captured using my Samsung Galaxy. I then upgraded to the Canon IXUS Digital Camera, which is a 'Point and Shoot' Camera. In the last year, I got my first 'Big Girl' Camera, which is the Canon 600D, with the 50mm Lens.

What Program do you use to edit your Photos? I use iPhoto on the MAC.

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